La compagnie Tangram

The Compagnie Tangram works to bring together audiences and disciplines through the rich and varied creations of the OZMA ensemble and its artistic director Stéphane Scharlé.

Since 2010, la Compagnie Tangram has produced and presented over twenty creations by the OZMA ensemble and its artistic director Stéphane Scharlé, as well as transmitting projects for all audiences, in the Grand Est region of France and elsewhere in the world.

It promotes an adventurous and abundant artistic line that pushes back the boundaries between expressions, an innovative jazz in dialogue with cinema, photography, the visual arts and dance.

Under the leadership of drummer and composer Stéphane Scharlé, the OZMA ensemble celebrated 20 years of exciting projects.

Founded in Strasbourg in 2002, OZMA the jazz quintet is the flagship ensemble, the backbone of the company’s projects, with eight albums to its credit. We think of Ray Anderson invited by Rage Against The Machine, John Coltrane jamming with Radiohead, or Billy Cobham playing with the best brass bands in New Orleans.

But OZMA, from duo to dectet, is also a multitude of collaborative, multi-disciplinary creations with artists from the four corners of the globe.

Large ensembles such as “OZMA Orkestra” or “OZMA & DARPANA” with Indian musicians and dancers from Gujarat, and a real sensitivity to music and images with the creation of photo-concerts: “20! a tribute to two decades of democracy in South Africa, “1914-1918, d’Autres Regards” reviving archives from the First World War, and more recently “Crossroads” a tribute to international social photography, as well as numerous film-concerts on masterpieces of the seventh art, including C.T. Dreyer’s “Vampyr”, “Les Trois Âages” and “The Three Ages”. Dreyer’s “Vampyr”, Buster Keaton’s “The Three Ages” and Harry O. Hoyt’s “The Lost World”. (see SHOWS)

These generous dialogues and exchanges have continued to nourish the work of the OZMA musicians and sharpen their vision through more than 500 concerts in 40 countries on four continents.


Production :
Estelle Coupey
+33 6 27 05 28 42

Diffusion :
Julie Cottier
+33 6 44 10 55 24

Assistante de production :
Clemence Herledan
+33 6 25 91 18 02

Musiciens permanents :
Stéphane Scharlé : Batterie, Composition
Édouard Séro-Guillaume: Basse, Composition
Guillaume Nuss : Trombone
Tam de Villiers : Guitare
Julien Soro : Saxophone

Ingénieurs du son :
Boris Darley : Studio
Arthur Ower : Live
Downtown Studio Team

Musicien(ne)s ponctuels :
Alois Benoit : Trombone
Musina Ebobissé : Saxophone
Jonas Muel : Saxophone
Delphine Deau : Claviers
Grégory Dargent : Guitare
Paul Jarret : guitare
Rémi Panossian : Piano

Mise en image :
Juliette Ulrich : Réalisation
Romain Allard : Artiste Visuel
Jean François Pey : Réalisation

Intervenants photo :
Arnaud Hembert
Dorian Rollin
Grégory Dargent

Site web :
Fabrice Ferriès

Comptabilité Conseil :
Mathias Gauthier-Lafaye / Cédric Lacombe

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