Creation of a specialized network with local partners to support jazz musicians in a cross-border perspective

PROPULSION is a mentoring programme run by a consortium of international partners, aimed at young jazz graduates from the Greater Region. It is a career accelerator, which offers an artistic vision and support in structuring.

This project initiates a new cycle for the partner organizations : it is time to engage a transmission process. From now on, OZMA musicians and members of La Compagnie Tangram are willing to transmit their skills in producing, booking and networking to help musicians build efficient structuration. Based on their 20 years of experience and good connections on the territory, they want to cooperate with local partners, including neighbouring countries, to accompany young jazz talents in their projects.

For the 1st edition of PROPULSION, Luxemburg will be a partner with Centre Culturel Trifolionand KulturLx. This collaboration will enable the mentored artists to network with other young artists and will lead to an international tour.
In connection with the PROPULSION programme, there will be a “mirror” mentoring of a young band in Luxembourg with the support of Kultur LX and Maxime Bender, saxophonist and director of the Trifolion Cultural Centre and the international festival Trifolion Echterlive.
This first bi-national section is the prefiguration of a broader programme ambition, which would be opened to other border countries (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland) in order to create a cycle of accompaniment and regional networking for young artists around the triptych structuring/creation/distribution.

The programme’s name evokes both professionalism (pro) and the idea of movement and energy, but it also relates to the notion of musicality (pulsion). In the framework of a partnership with Brassart school, graphic design students will propose visuals for the 1st edition PROPULSION programme, integrating the cross-border aspect of the Strasburg campus.


Line up

The Compagnie Tangram team :

Stéphane Scharlé, artistic director

Estelle Coupey, production manager

Julie Cottier, booking agent