VIDEO AND GRAPHIC DESIGN AROUND OZMA PROJECTS Based on a brief from the artistic director of the Tangram Company, E-artsup students from Strasbourg campus will propose graphic works around different upcoming OZMA projects.

Within a partnership with the Tangram Company, graphic design students from the E-artsup campus in Strasbourg will propose graphic creations (visual content, video animations) around OZMA’s projects. These creations are an integral part of the students’ curriculum as a professional situation, with a pedagogical follow-up.
The 4th year students concerned will be accompanied until 2023 during their 5th year. This will be a very formative creative project for them, both in terms of skills development and professionalization, for creations intended for distribution.

Based on the brief from Stéphane Scharlé, artistic director of the Tangram Company, the group of students will work on the following projects :

  • OZMA-XX: work on video animations (dressing, teaser) for the celebration of OZMA’s 20th anniversary in spring 2022
  • Clip EP Hyperlapse, Chapter 2: visual creations for a clip release
  • Video Game Concert: for this show, which is currently being created, the students will be an integral part of a reflection on the possibilities offered by this interactive mode. With a premiere scheduled in 2023, E-artsup is a partner for the development of interactive visual tools and graphic aspects.

The collaboration with E-artsup campus in Strasbourg is part of the transmission cycle initiated by the Tangram Company and the desire to continue artistic cooperation in the Grand Est region.