One foot in the liberty of jazz, the other in electro’s trance, both hands covered in greasy rock, the energizing quintet, OZMA, unveils its new repertoire. Everything here happens with humor and emotion, we smile, we come together, we dance following the incessant inventions of these five young musicians interacting on the fly.

The songwriters, drummer Stéphane Scharlé and bassist Edouard Séro-Guillaume, deliver tight, nervous melodies echoed by pop hymns and formidable grooves. From their rich scores emerge improvisations as duo, trio or all, inhabited by the savage howls of the trombone of Guillaume Nuss and the saxophone of Julien Soro, the whispered secrets of the guitar of Tam de Villiers, all pulsed by a groove reactor, this complicit rhythm section forged by ten years of touring around the world.

At times soothing, at times powerful, these five seasoned jazzmen put their senses of drama and timing at the service of a new and narrative music. Oscillating between risk and tradition, between nerve and love of sound, OZMA presents an invigorating 6th album!

Released: October 21, 2016 on the label Cristal Records, distributed by Harmonia Mundi.


Édouard Séro-Guillaume : bass, composition
Stéphane Scharlé
: drums, composition

Tam de Villiers : guitar
Julien Soro : saxophones
Guillaume Nuss : trombone