This film-concert was commissioned by The Maltings Theater in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, the British institution invited OZMA to create their show at their venue in September 2015.

“Journey in the Moon” tells the incredible expedition of Professor Barbenfouillis and his acolytes on lunar soil, and “The Palace of the Thousand and One Nights” follows the adventure of a destitute prince who wants to marry Aouda, the daughter of Rajah, who is already promised to another man.

OZMA has developed a plural aesthetic, sometimes pulsing like a rhythmic soundtrack to walking and travel, sometimes more landscape, like paintings of the magical lands that Méliès characters wander through. With garage sounds borrowed from English pop, and resolutely jazz compositions, the voice of the actor Euan McIver appears from time to time to whisper chapters of the story then disappears giving way to music ; Spoken interventions like sounds of new cities on a fantastic journey.

Georges Méliès is considered to be one of the main innovators in camera tricks for the cinema. He was the joie de vivre, the malice in the corner of his eyes, a pirouette that erases whatever hurts. He created imaginary worlds to take us into the first fires of cinema, when it was only mysteries, dreams and creations in the making.


Stéphane Scharlé : drums
Paul Jarret : guitar
Edouard Séro-Guillaume : bass

Euan McIver : Readings