In the tavern of Courtempierre, a small village immersed in a dark night … David Gray, a young man with feverish imagination and fascinated by the stories of spirits, is suddenly awakened by strange noises …
A grimoire about vampirism, a dying old man, a seriously ill girl with strange bloodmarks on her neck, lead the young man to sink deeper into the strange …

The magic of a reciprocal understanding of improvisation and imagination persists throughout the soundtrack that OZMA reinvents at each performance.

Nothing here is agreed, expected, copied, very few things are written and still what we hear seems obvious. The rigor of timing and the mastery of the group’s sound sharpen the climate of anxiety and anguish, but also highlights, when necessary, the poetry of Dreyer’s work, like the simple melody that opens and closes the film, a ballad like a dance at the end of the evening which we only wish we could make last the whole night.

Vampyr is a « talkie » which reaches over the border with silent film, distilling anguish with lugubrious allegories: the reaper, the ball of specters, the vampire bite … Visions, illusions, hallucinations, the expressionism of Dreyer’s film takes us into an awakened nightmare in chiaroscuro. Vampyr is an authentic vampire film, respecting codes specific to the genre, surpassing them even by magnificently creating an atmosphere that’s both sinister and terrifying.


Stéphane Scharlé : drums
Tam de Villiers : guitar
Julien Soro : saxophones
Edouard Séro-Guillaume : bass


Stéphane Scharlé : batterie
Tam de Villiers : guitare
Julien Soro : saxophones
Edouard Séro-Guillaume : basse